February 10, 2016

Paula Amerine


I am a painter at heart. I enjoy work­ing with var­i­ous paint­ing medi­ums includ­ing oils, acrylics, water­color and pas­tels. Color, design, and value are strong ele­ments in my com­po­si­tions. I paint lay­ers of trans­paren­cies to cap­ture vol­ume through the use of reflected light and cast shad­ows. I am cur­rently work­ing with Sen­nelier oil pas­tels and Lyra oil based col­ored pen­cils. The lay­er­ing of pig­ment and the pos­si­bil­i­ties of unlim­ited tex­tures cre­ate inter­pre­tive images rather than pho­to­re­al­is­tic sub­jects. The con­cept of tal­ent is mean­ing­less if I don’t take advan­tage of the gift of time and some innate abil­ity. Being an artist is like any­thing else in life, to be accom­plished, one has to ded­i­cate time and hard work. I have stud­ied the lives and philoso­phies of his­tor­i­cally sig­nif­i­cant artists, which led me to exper­i­ment with many dif­fer­ent art forms and materials.


In April 2012, ‘The Art of Real Food’ by Joanne Neft and Laura Kenny was released. I have spent the last 18 months work­ing with local farm­ers to pro­duce illus­tra­tions of sea­sonal fruits and veg­eta­bles for this lush cook­book. The expe­ri­ence has increased my knowl­edge and appre­ci­a­tion for those who grow our local food. I wish all peo­ple could wan­der the fields and orchards to see where their food is grown-how it looks in the dirt, on the bush or on the branch of a tree. The paint­ings are meant to be visu­ally instruc­tive in nature, and I hope they inspire us all to see the beauty in what we eat and how for­tu­nate we are to have such abun­dant options for our meals. It was a great adventure.


My paint­ings have been exhib­ited region­ally, reside in pri­vate col­lec­tions, and are owned by regional busi­nesses. Cur­rent work is exhib­ited at the High Hand Gallery in Loomis, CA. My paint­ings have been accepted into juried art com­pe­ti­tions, includ­ing the ARTS Gallery-Auburn, Roseville Art Cen­ter and the Crocker and KVIE Invi­ta­tional Art Auc­tions.


To con­tact me please visit my web­site.